The 10-60-100 Advantage

  • 10
    10-minute access
    to data
  • 60
    60% lower TCO for
    analytics platform
  • 100
    100% secure,
    consistent data set
Real-Time Decision Making Made Easy: EasyAnalytics Dashboard Overview

Data can make or break a business, and with EasyAnalytics, that power is in your hands in just 10 minutes.

EasyAnalytics offers analytics platforms, applications, and data in less than 10 minutes, making your real-time decisions truly real-time.

  • Access analytics infrastructure, platform, and data in 10 minutes, allowing you to make quick decisions
  • No more handling multiple pipeline setups. Streamline the analytics infrastructure and platform setup, keeping it simple and efficient
  • Maintain compliance controls, including column-level data integrity
  • Migrate and recover your analytics infrastructure, platform, and data to any cloud with ease

Key Benefits

EasyAnalytics enables real-time access to data, and in just 10 minutes, you can access analytics infrastructure, applications, and data.

  1. 01 Access real time data in 10-minutes without any security, performance risk to production data
  2. 02 Eliminate need of all pipelines, infrastructure, application and data
  3. 03 Obtain a compliance-maintained dataset with 100% consistency
  4. 04 Secure a complaint analytics platform across clouds in 10-minutes
  5. 05 Access production data in 10-minutes and make decisions

With EasyAnalytics, access data within 10 minutes and make real-time decisions, giving your business a competitive edge in today's dynamic environment.

Why Do Organizations Use EasyAnalytics?

  • 10-Minute Analytics SLA

    Replicate and recover the entire analytics workload, including infrastructure, the analytics platform, application, and data in a flat 10-minute SLA, irrespective of workload size

  • Pipeline-Free Setup

    Eliminate the need for complex pipeline setups, streamlining processes and allowing you to focus on maximizing the impact of your analytics insights

  • On-Demand Data Availability

    Access data with a click of a button, without relying on IT assistance without the need to extract data from production environments, as EasyAnalytics ensures access to analytics without impacting production workloads.

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